Astounding Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in Wokingham and throughout homes across Berkshire. They are the finest addition to today’s modern kitchen. With ingenious designs and clever storage options; a handleless kitchen appeals to the majority of people who are looking for extra space, style and practicality. Here at Zara Kitchen Design Wokingham, we can provide you with a full range of handleless kitchens with stunning features such as handleless doors, cabinets and furniture which we can supply and install for you. Whether you need style, space or usefulness; we can help you find a handleless kitchen which will suit all budgets and requirements.

The key features of a handleless kitchen, are the minimalistic and modern styles and great space optimisation. Handles can make a kitchen look chaotic and unattractive, they can also be quite problematic as clothing and bags can catch on them easily. Handles can pose a big risk, especially to small and young children. They are at great risk of being injured by protruding handles, it is very easy for them to bang their heads or catch themselves on the handles. Toddlers and babies can pull themselves up on handles and get injured or trap their fingers, they can also gain access to cabinets by pulling at handles; this could expose them to dangerous chemicals or substances stored away. Because of these risks, many families with children are now opting for a new handleless kitchen.

For many people, storage is hard to find and can become very restricted. A handleless kitchen can help you to maximise the available storage and save practical space. Handleless kitchens are a good way to store and hide appliances so your kitchen looks open and clutter-free. Handleless doors and cabinets are a good way to hide your oven, bin, dishwasher, fridge etc; leaving you more space to add seating, personal touches and décor. As well as making your kitchen clutter-free, a handleless kitchen can also be more sanitary than a kitchen with handles. Handles can gather lots of dirt, grime and germs which is often overlooked. With a handleless kitchen, you no longer have to worry about cleaning the alcoves and crannies around handles, there will also be less build-up of dirt and grime, making cleaning easier. 

For those who prefer an open plan design, a handleless kitchen can be integrated smoothly, making the transition straightforward. At Zara Kitchen Design Wokingham, we can help you to combine your kitchen and living/dining area into one living space. Our highly skilled fitters can provide you with an elegant handleless kitchen and expert advice through every step of the project. From start to completion, we can help you achieve your perfect handleless kitchen to be enjoyed by you and your family for many years to come.

Handleless kitchens come with many great advantages such as:

• Added Space
• Space Saving
• Hygienic
• Safer
• Stylish and Modern
• Smooth Transition for Open Plan Living

Handleless kitchens are full of style and identity. They can feature high gloss doors available in a wide range of colours or wood effect; so you can truly personalise your kitchen to suit your preferences. With creative designs, your kitchen will look contemporary and storage will no longer be a problem. Here at Zara Kitchen Design Wokingham, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with high-quality handleless kitchens; giving them style, satisfaction and practicality with the functionality you and your family needs.

If you would like to know more about handleless kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Zara Kitchen Design Wokingham where we will be delighted to discuss your kitchen project and advise you on all the options available. We have a wealth of knowledge and understanding and putting our clients first is paramount! We cover Wokingham and Berkshire and we look forward to your call today.


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